Stringing System

The SS-3000 Stringing System

The Eagle Line Tools complete, time-saving system eliminates the need for finger lines, tying and untying pilot lines, and protects pilot lines from vandalism. This system includes the Controller (SS-050), Light-Weight Reel (SS-049L), and 3000 feet of Poly Plus Rope. All parts can be purchased separately and can be interchanged with popular brands.

Stringing System Parts

SS-050 Controller

-Can be mounted on wood and non-wood poles with leg screw or chain tightener

-Adjustable brake for tension precison

-55 lbs.

SS-049L Lightweight Reel

-Holds 3,000’-6,000’ of 5/16″ Poly Plus 12-strand Pilot Line.

-Poly Plus Rope is available in blue, green, red, and yellow.

-PolyPlus Rope is constructed of high tenacity polyester and finished with a coating to optimize rope abrasion. This rope has a longer void in the middle and makes it easier to splice

-60 lbs. without rope

Axel Extensions

Sold Separately


-Collaborates with line truck winch to take up pilot line and eliminate the need for a hydraulic rewinder

-Made of cast iron

-24 lbs.


-Pin fits spring-loaded collapsable reels and capstans

-Made of cast iron

-24 lbs.

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